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Sea Day - 4

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A restful night and I've written up the journals for the past four days. I now have to wait for the medical staff to release me from quarantine so that I can get out of this cabin. Had another restricted menu breakfast and was finally released from confinement. The medical staff and I had a disagreement, they claim they rang me and I know they didn't.

Attended one lecture before and two lectures after lunch, Alan Dowty describe the trials and tribulations of Magellan and his crew during their three year voyages around the world. After lunch in the dinning room, I revisited Carol Grace on the topic of Fiction Writing, followed by Dr Collins who presented a humorous explanation of the 'Coriolis Effect'. Also happened upon a cooking demonstration by two of the executive chefs. Very clever and quite funny.

Another great dinner in the dining room after which we attended a stunning show. Mike Price, the juggler from a few days ago put on another spectacular show. He was followed by the amazing voice of Jack Walker.

A quick stop on Deck 10 for a cold drink and got chatting to a lovely couple from one of the small Hawaiian islands.

Another sea day tomorrow.

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Sea Day - 3

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Back to the medical facility and completed an exhaustive questionnaire. Well, did my best anyway. I understand that they are trying to trace the source of the outbreak but honestly, I can't remember what I had for breakfast 4 days ago !!

Given some extra Imodium tablets, confined to the cabin and restricted diet, pretty much what I'd expected. So another miserable day.
Jenny managed to go off to a few activities but also spent some time catching up on lost sleep.

She went off to dinner while I dined on plain grilled chicken breast.

After dinner she went to the show in the Theatre and I watched the TV broadcast of the Presidential election on msnbc. I learnt quite a few things about how elections are conducted in the USA.

At 1015 PM the Millennium crossed the Equator and we are now officially 'Down Under'. Jenny didn't bother to attend the festivities I was still in quarantine.

Hope for a restful night and look forward to a bright day tomorrow.

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Sea Day - 2

Monday, 5 November 2012

First thing this morning I reported to the Medical Facility, described my symptoms and was told that in all probability I was developing a cold. As I felt like a wet rag and didn't want to infect anyone else I stayed in the cabin all day. Drank a little tea which Jenny brought down from the Bistro and generally sat around being somewhat unhappy.

Jenny went out and attended some of the health related presentations and dropped in to see me from time to time.

She went to diner in the Dining Room and was fussed over by the waiters and overwhelmed with offers of assistance.

At about 8 PM I started a series of diarrhoea episodes that last until after midnight.

Not a great day by any measure.

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Sea Day - 1

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Up early to catch a glimpse of a sunrise then breakfast at the Deck 10 Bistro. We've mapped out today's activities. Jenny is attending some health presentations and I will sit in on some lectures.

First lecture by Alan Dowty on the subject of 'Trans-Atlantic Contact Before Columbus'. He presented a number of plausible scenarios but concluded that none had any significant or lasting impact.

The next lecture was by Carol Grace on the topic of 'Writing Fiction', it was more of a discussion with a number in the audience being published authors. The worst aspect being the venue which was a featureless box of a room with stack-able chairs for seating.

Next lecture, same venue, by Tiffiny Lynn on the topic of 'How Botany Changed the World'. Despite the grand title her presentation consisted of a jumbled 10 minutes of reading words from a PowerPoint presentation. I'm not likely to include her in tomorrow's schedule.

Lunch in the bistro and met up with Jenny, she had been on the Galley Tour which was quite interesting.

After lunch, another lecture by Dr Collins on the topic of 'The Incredible Polynesian People' touching on their origin, their navigation and their spread throughout the Pacific. His presentation was very polished and totally relaxed. I look forward to seeing more.

Met up with Jenny again and formed part of the crowd attending the Apple iPad/iPhone demonstration on how to take photos with some interesting short-cuts and techniques demonstrated.

Had to leave early to get dressed for the first Formal Night and I messed up by heading to the bow instead of the stern !! Lovely dinner but on the way back to the cabin I started to feel nauseous, developed a runny nose, coughed and hick upped continuously.

We decided not to go to the Theatre and I spent the night up and down thinking the stomach spasms would lead to vomiting. Jenny didn't get much sleep either.

The above is written some days latter as I didn't feel up to it at the time.

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No Internet

3 Nov

View 2012 Hawaii Millennium on greynomadm's travel map.

Onboard Internet is a disaster so there will be no updates.

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